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In the Spring

  • Check for damage to the roof.

  • Check all the fascia and trim for deterioration.

  • Have an HVAC professional inspect and maintain the system as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Check the water heater for leaks or rust.

  • Check the fire extinguishers.

  • Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter.

  • Repair all cracked, broken, and uneven driveways and walks to help provide a level walking surface.

  • Check the shutoff valves at all plumbing fixtures to make sure they function.

  • Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and damper, and the space under the dryer.

In the Summer

  • Check kids’ playground equipment.

  • Check the wood deck or concrete patio for deterioration.

  • Check the nightlights at the top and bottom of all stairways.

  • Check the exterior siding.

  • Check all window and door locks.

  • Check the home for water leaks.

  • Check the water hoses on the clothes washer, refrigerator, icemaker, and dishwasher for cracks and bubbles.

Permission Granted by InterNachi Blog by Commander And Chief Home Inspection

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